The Pedigree Cat Club SHOWCATS goal is, according with its Statute, to train the persons sharing an interest in all aspects related to the cat owning, registration, breeding and exhibition, under the regulations of The International Cat Association – TICA.


The purpose of the  Pedigree Cat Club SHOWCATS is animal protection, especially cats, as well as the education of the persons interested in all the aspects regarding ownership, registration, growth and exposure of the cats, according to the regulations of The International Cat Association, disregarding the breed. The objectives of the club are the following:

  • initiation of various activities in order to ameliorate the status of the cat in the society;  

  • establishing and maintaining of good relations wit the guvernment organizations, mass media, veterinary sanitary institutions, associations for animal protection and other similar associations in the country;  

  • Promotion and encouragement of kindness to all animals and assist in the prevention of cruelty and bad treatment of all animals;

  • organizing and keeping a common data base for all the members of the associations that make part of the federation;  

  • supervising the organization of the feline contests in Romania according to the FIFe rules and publishing the rules referring to the organization of the national contests;

  • promotion of some correct programs of selective breeding of some healthy cats for each breed, according to the TICA standards and rules;  descouraging the use in some breeding programs of some cats that do not have the right to be registered;  

  • representing Romania in the international feline contests;  

  • attraction and coordination of all the members associations in order to improve the feline activity in Romania, stimulating the activity of each group according to  the TICA standards and rules;